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Arthur Polonsky

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Arthur Polonsky, acclaimed nationally as a master draughtsman and painter, imbues what appears as reality with a unique, mysterious inner force. His work has a haunting, mystical quality, as if a virtuoso artistic visionary is seeing into our soul, or beyond our life to our dream world. Polonsky is one of Boston’s great painters in the last fifty years; his work is in many prestigious museums and collections, locally and nationally.

Portrait: M.T.

Arthur Polonsky, born in Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1925, is the son of East European immigrants. A graduate of the Boston Museum School, where he was a student of Karl Zerbe, Polonsky joined numerous other American artists in their pilgrimage to France, in 1948, following graduation, where he was absorbed in the artistic ideas of Picasso, Matisse, and Redon, as well as many earlier European Masters. Upon returning to the States, Polonsky launched a career that has established him as a prominent figure and much admired artist in the Boston community.

Polonsky is known among the art cognoscenti of Boston as a virtuoso draughtsman. The noted Boston artist, Barbara Swan, has commented on Arthur Polonsky’s extraordinary ability in an essay accompanying Polonsky’s retrospective at the Fitchburg Art Museum. “Arthur Polonsky’s remarkable gift as a draughtsman.  His drawings have the excitement of a direct response to a subject, a daring use of line or tone, a sense of charged intensity. His portrait drawings not only have likeness but express a mood that is part artist, part model. To achieve a likeness is a gift in itself. When the gift for likeness is matched by a commanding talent for drawing the result is a masterful work.”


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