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Helen Meyrowitz

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Tournament Helmets

Helen Meyrowitz, a noted New York artist now living in the Boston area, opens the Spring season at Kantar Fine Arts in Newton, with a new body of work, The Carapace Series. Powerfully rendered drawings in charcoal, oil bar, and gouache, the Carapace Series depicts battle helmets as marvelously creative inventions of design, referencing nature and reproduction, strange mutated insects, or delicate necklaces of mesh jewelry. Ms. Meyrowitz was drawn to painting these seemingly protective head armatures by their fantastic creative inventions of design, devised through different periods of history and by different nationalities. As a subtle reflection on an essential element of wartime gear, these drawings have a strange, chilling beauty that both transcends and incorporates their intended use.

Tumbler #8

Also in the exhibit will be selected works of Meyrowitz’ Tumbler Series, a theme that the artist has addressed over a long period of creativity, and one that seeks to explore the sensation of a falling figure, hanging on despite the free, expansive, chaotically tumbling line of life. In reviewing a recent exhibit of works from this series, the New York Times critic noted that the artist “has become more ...fluent and confident, discarding rigorous modeling in favor of exuberant lines that often go their own way without abandoning their mission of describing animated forms in pictorial space.”

Japanese Acorn Helmet

Meyrowitz, who was trained as a painter and printmaker, has concentrated on drawing for the last thirty years. Her most recent one-person show was at the St. Botolph Club in Boston, 2003. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in New York, and has participated in group exhibitions in New York, New England, California, Texas, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Her work is in many collections, including the Fine Art Museum of Long Island, the Delaware Museum, the Nassau County Museum, the Hillwood Art Museum (C.W. Post College), the Islip Museum, Adelphi University, and at the T. J. Max Corporation in Framingham, MA.


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