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Wendy Artin

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River God, Piazza Navonna

Wendy Artin is an extraordinary artist who works primarily with watercolor, sepia, and charcoal. “She has succeeded by inventing a language that has classical roots but a visceral immediacy.” (Adele Chatfield-Taylor, FAAR President ’84, Oct.-Nov. 2000 catalogue for Wendy Artin’s exhibit at Gurari Collections, Boston.)

Wendy Artin captures the essence of her subjects in watercolor, sepia ink, or charcoal.  Her paintings are often compared to the watercolors or sepias of Old Masters, or to those of John Singer Sargent, but though they have a classical figurative or landscape subject, they are very modern in their abstraction of shadow and light across the page.

Artin’s ability to evoke the warm brilliance of light across the Roman Forum or a statue of the Piazza Navonna fountain, to sculpt with sepia shadings the sensuous, living form of a live nude model, or to breathe life into ancient walls and fountains of Rome with her lyrical handling of watercolor….this genius leaves the viewer awed and quite speechless.

Foro Romano

River goddess

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