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Arthur Polonsky

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Emmy nominated filmmaker Gabriel Polonsky is currently in production on a feature length documentary film about his father, Arthur. “Release from Reason” explores Arthur's breathtaking body of work, his unusual philosophy of life and art, and his major role in the Boston Expressionist movement. Filled with revealing interviews and cinema vérité footage, the film digs deep into his fiercely creative mind, artistic process, and private world that includes his unconventional family of accomplished artists.

Gabriel speaks intimately with Boston's leading curators, fellow artists, and former students that Arthur profoundly influenced. We are currently in post-production, and have screenings planned at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and other venues.

“Release from Reason” is a compelling portrait of a man who has had international acclaim and success, and now at 87 is creating new work, preparing for two major solo shows. The film is a fascinating exploration of art and life - and the mysterious forces that fuel creativity.


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