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3 Special

Albert Alcalay
Wendy Artin
Distant Lens
Ruth Eckstein
Rubin Gold
Dinora Justice
Ivan Massar
Anne Mastrangelo
Helen Meyrowitz
Elliot Offner
Jonathan Palmer
Miklos Pogany
Arthur Polonsky
Eleanor Rubin
Sloat Shaw

Ivan Massar

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This exhibit is a retrospective of disparate places and moods, from Martin Luther King’s march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, ...

Sailing Boats



to the streets of Paris, from Pittsburgh’s steel mills to a misty morn on the Concord River.

Quiet Desperation



His works are all conceived with great artistry of light scale and composition, and in addition, have a powerful, emotional impact, ...

Parisian Artist



which gives each image a timeless significance, beyond the actual moment or event.

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