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Albert Alcalay

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Gay Head off Martha's Vineyard

After liberation, Alcalay went to Rome with his family, where he was befriended and encouraged by two artist brothers, Mirko (who was later to come to Boston, and teach at Harvard University) and Afro. He was welcomed by Rome’s artistic community, had his first one-man show and first acquisition by a public collection.

In 1950, Alcalay began a long attraction to abstract expressionism through his association with Kandinsky, and he began to make the transition, in his painting, from expressionism to abstraction. He arrived in the United States as a refugee, and settled in Boston. His first Boston dealer was the highly regarded Boris Mirski. Alcalay also exhibited at the Boston Museum School, and began working at Newton Potters creating numerous ceramic pieces.

Whispering Leaves

Through the 50’s, the American city, steel structures, heavy industry became Alcalay’s focus. He exhibited at the Swetzoff Gallery in Boston, and Hy Swetzoff became his dealer. At his one-man show, the catalogue preface was written by the esteemed Prof. Howard Mumford Jones.

King's Palace

As much as he is a prolific artist, Albert Alcalay is also a dedicated and revered teacher. In 1956, Alcalay established his own summer school of painting in Gloucester, MA. He joined the Harvard University faculty in 1960 to teach visual design, and in 1963, joined the Faculty of the newly established Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, where he taught until 1982. In 1970, he was invited to be a Visiting Kay Professor at the School of Architecture, University of Maryland. He still teaches a number of private students at his home studio.

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