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Wendy Artin

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Putti Holding Candelabra

Wendy Artin was born in Newton, MA. An artist from childhood, when she spent each Saturday morning drawing statues in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Artin received a BA in Fine Arts and French Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by an MFA in painting from the Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, where she studied gesture and expression with Miroslav Antic. She went on to the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where the emphasis was on light and atmosphere.

The years that followed found her traveling to many different countries and cultures: Mexico, Guatemala, New York City, then finally Rome, where she lives now. “To wander and to paint the timeless beauty of the Roman ruins, the crumbling patina of the gessoed palaces, the overlooked angles and the overpainted views.

Putti Holding Candelabra

Angel Safety

The displaced fragments of antiquity embedded in a random wall. The old men with river beards, dolphins, tritons, naids and sea horses who rear, spit and splash in a grand aquatic celebration. On handmade paper or Arches, Wendy makes a wet ghost of a shadow, a careful edge, a quick calligraphic stroke, a wild wash, and the paint takes life: details emerge, fragments of statues, symbols of dreams amongst the streams of flowing water. Her watercolors are precise, loose, intense.” (Milù Cachat, Coté Sud, Oct./Nov. 1998)

Wendy describes the attributes of watercolor: “Watercolor is a living medium whose beauty lies in its incredible range, from the pigments flowing across a wet page to a scant brushstroke bumping along a slightly rough surface, letting the paper breathe, coaxing the paint with constant attention to have it be as close as possible to its absolute most beautiful.”

Neptune - Piazza Navona

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