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Jonathan Palmer

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Communicating what is not yet speakable or known lies at the heart of my work both as psychoanalyst and painter. Feelings, incidental thoughts and the mysterious visual imagery of dreams are essential to pathways of psychoanalytic communication. In psychoanalysis, meaning is weaved as words acquire their symbolic shape. My process as a painter takes a similar path. Through color, line, shape and form, I attempt to convey what is not yet spoken. Words, as transformed to their visual symbols in written language, manifests in many of my paintings, often as a calligraphic thread of images. Allowing for the accidental slip in mark making or color is a fundamental connection to what is not yet conscious or symbolic.


In the layering of paint through multiple washes alternating with mark making, the unintended images are captured. The finished painting is intended to hold an image which is felt more than known by the viewer. My hope is that each observer can find his/her own symbolic meaning within the space of the painting. Jonathan Palmer


Palmer has exhibited his paintings at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and at the New Art Center in Newton. His exhibit at Kantar Fine Arts will continue through October 2, 2003. Gallery hours are flexible, and by appointment. For further information, please call 617-332-7495, 617-504-7596.


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