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Garabed DerHohannesian In his own words: Thoughts on Painting

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Exploration, search, discovery. In my opinion, the quest for the unknown, the mysterious, propels the creative person to become aware of the wondrous phenomena that he finds in his environment. This awareness is essential to creative effort. ding, and the resulting relationships engenders an elation that impels the artist to communicate these feelings to others…..



To me, painting is many things: form, color, lines, shapes, textures, the relationships of these elements and their organization on the two-dimensional plane that is the picture surface. It is more than just forms or symbols placed in a visual field - it is a statement of philosophy.



Each of us reacts to the things about us in our own peculiar way, and it is just that which the artist communicates to others. The softness of fog, the brilliance of sunlight, the textures, the shimmering, changing qualities in infinite variation induce a feeling of wonder and awe. It is this feeling for my environment that I attempt to capture.

Garabed DerHohannesian

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