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Dinora Felske Justice

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Bend of the Charles

In her own words: “My work starts with walks and travels, often to places far away around the globe, but also with trips to the backyard. Most often, I work directly from nature, doing small one-day plein air paintings. I also take the time to do sketches and studies, often taking photographs for later work in the studio. My paintings are oil on canvas or on panel, and the time to execute them varies from a day to a year, depending on the image and size. The technique that I use combines direct and indirect painting, the ancient technique of the Dutch Masters which uses layers of glaze and scumbling (a process of achieving a softer color by layering an opaque pigment over a previous color) to produce a richer, deeper and more luminous perception of color. This is especially effective in creating atmospheric effects. In my work, there is special attention to the role of design in representation, and I compose images with care to produce a penetrating, yet slightly unconventional effect.

My interest in landscape lies mostly in the character of space and its depiction. I dwell mostly on creating a sense of all-encompassing presence. By “presence,” I mean a perception of place that exists on the canvas as well as in the viewer’s psyche. It is my perception that art has always facilitated the interaction of the Universal and the Individual, perhaps serving as a bridge for the achievement of greater understanding about life. There is a perfect marriage of Universal and Personal in the depiction of Nature and I am fond of working with the language of painting, using such great tools as metaphors.

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Multi Color Marsh 1

Multi Color Marsh 2

Mystical Eye of the Needle 3020

Passage 1

Passage 2

Storm 1418

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